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2 minutes - this is just how long it takes to join us. Registration is simple and fast. Just like a bicycle ride through congested city.

Donate 10 PLN

10 PLN - the amount of initial fee which will allow us to activate your account. You pay once and your account will be active forever.

Enjoy the bikes 24 hours a day

9 months - this is how long in a year you can enjoy the freedom of cycling around the capital. In spring summer and autumn, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Solutions for docking station

Dear cyclists, We hope that riding your cycles in Warsaw will be a real pleasure for you. We encourage you to read the below tips to hire a cycle comfortably and then return it safely. CHECK YOUR ACOUNT BEFORE YOU PLAN TO USE A CYCLE Check, if the status of your account is min. PLN […]

It’s the end of Veturilo season. We’re coming back in March 2013.

47.5 thousand of users and more than 283 thousand of rentals. With such a result, we are closing the first season of Veturilo. For the next three months, all the bikes will be at the warehouse. The bikes are getting back on the streets of Warsaw in March. Thank you to all of our customers […]