Fees Gross value
Initial fee 10 PLN
1 to 20 minutes 0 PLN
from 21 to 60 minutes 1 PLN
Second hour 3 PLN
Third hour 5 PLN
The fourth and each additional hour 7 PLN
Fee for exceeding 12 hours hire 200 PLN

All the fees include VAT.

Theft, loss or destruction of a bicycle: 2000 PLN

VETURILO Regulations

Veturilo in numbers

0 - nothing, zero, null, nada, niente – the first 20 minutes of using Veturilo is completely free!

1 - the first hour of riding the bicycle costs just a token sum.

6   – This is how many digits there are in the unique PIN code, given to every person registered in the system.The special code in conjunction with the phone number allows you to use the system without restrictions.

9   – This is for how many months you can use the Veturilo system.Bicycles are available to users from 1st March to 30th November.

24 - bikes are available around the clock.

50 - Warsaw is one of over 50 cities around the world benefiting from the system, a maintenance-free municipal bike rental, which is owned by the operator, Nextbike.This means that any person registered in Veturilo may also use the systems in other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Latvia.

57 - this is how many stations there are in the center of Warsaw, at Wilanow, Ursynów and Bielany.

70 - this is how many more there will be early next year.The launch is scheduled for   1st March 2013

1120 - it’s how many bikes there will be available for all lovers of two wheels.They’re modern city bikes, with gears, adjustable seats, special carrying baskets and a secure lock. Along with the new bike stations, the fleet will increase by another   1000 two-wheelers.

2000   – This is the PLN value of each Veturilo bike in the system in case of theft or damage.That is why we recommend taking special care of them. Especially since they are intended for long lasting use in Warsaw.

1, 8 and 2012 - these are historical numbers, as they form respectively the day, month and year of the official launch of the Veturilo system in Warsaw.