Veturilo compatible with Bemowo Bike rental systems


All bike enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Veturilo and Bemowo Bike bicycle hire systems will be compatible. The agreement in question was signed on June 29th, by ZTM’s director Leszek Ruta, Vice Mayor of Bemowo, Krzysztof Zygrzak and CEO of Nextbike Poland – Tomasz Wojtkiewicz.

With the advent of this solution, Warsaw’s cyclists will be offered both 11 rentals already operating in Bemowo under the banner Bemowo Bike (located near City Hall and Stare Bemowo, Nowe Bemowo termini stations, and Polczynskiej street), and with the other 55 of Veturilo, which will be launched in August by the Public Transport Authority of the capital, in Ursynów and Bielany.

Benefit for the fans of two-wheelers is twofold – they will have access to a greater number of rental spots and will no longer be limited territorially to the places where different systems operate. Thus, a bicycle borrowed in Bemowo can easily be returned to a rack set of Veturilo, e.g. in the city center, and Veturilo users will be able to return Veturilo cycles in Bemowo.

People registered in the one system will be free to rent bicycles in the other, without registration. The only condition is payment of applicable fees in accordance with the tariff of the relevant system.

The rates for the first two hours of hire of the vehicle will be uniform. For both Veturilo and Bemowo Bike, the first 20 minutes are free of charge. Another 40 minutes will cost cyclists one zloty, and yet another hour – three zlotys. The major differences in price will occur within longer rental periods, e.g. every additional hour of bike ride on Bemowo bike will cost you 4 zloty. In the case of the ZTM, however, short rides are preferred. Third hour will cost 5 zł, and any more hours over that will cost users 7 zł.

Photo: Signing of the Agreement on the compatibility of bike rental systems. June 29, 2012

Pictured: Director of ZTM – Leszek Ruta, Vice Mayor of Bemowo – Krzysztof Zygrzak and CEO of Nextbike Poland – Tomasz Wojtkiewicz.