Veturilo in Warsaw’s Praga district


“It amazes me that no one considered the introduction of the system to Praga.”
“What about Praga? Won’t Veturilo be here? “,” The right side of the town is isolated and ignored in all the investment plans. “- These are just three of many comments concerning the location of bicycle station that will be run under the Warsaw Veturilo bike rental system. Rentals in Praga will be launched in March next year.


Until March 2013, in Praga there will be a set of at least 13 Veturilo bicycle hire spots, accommodating more than 180 bikes.

The cycle hire network in the right-bank part of Warsaw has been designed so that the people who travel via Praga could change to the bike not too far away from the city center .

Rentals are located in places like Washington roundabout and Zielenieckiej and Grochowskiej intersection (in the vicinity of the Universal Theatre), and places near the Park Praski, Praga North District Office, Eastern Railway Station, and Wilenski Railway Station. Bicycle rental stations will also appear at the zoo, on the way from both the bridge of Gdansk, and Town Hall Street.

Bike rentals had originally been planned in Praga district. Warsaw Veturilo bike rental system is scheduled to be implemented in two stages. August this year Veturilo will launch on Bielany, Ursynów and Wilanów. A total of 57 stations will keep over a thousand bikes. In March next year there will be another 70 stations and 1100 bikes, including 13 rental spots located in Praga. In the spring of 2013, cycling fans will notice a total of 2100 bicycles available for hire in 127 locations in the city.