What’s the origin of Veturilo name?


The contest for the name of the system, initially called Warsaw Public Bike, was conducted in two stages. In the first stage, Internet users submitted their suggestions (we received nearly a thousand), and the jury chose the most interesting of them. In the next step, the users voted for the best of the six jury selected names. Several thousand people voted. Most of the votes, a rough 32 percent, were in favor of the name “Veturilo”. “Wawabike” placed second (with 26 percent), and “Ziuuu” (12 percent) placed the third. The remaining ones were “Rowerynka” (12 percent), together with “Bajker” (11 percent) and “Wabik” (6 percent).

On 19 June in the ZTM premises, the prizes were awarded to the authors of the proposals, which won by votes from an online poll conducted on ZTM’s website. The winner Mateusz Kempisty was the author of two award-winning names: “Veturilo”, chosen by Internet users and “Ziuuu” (which  ranked third in the competition). The winner received a modern urban bike from the hands of the Director of Warsaw Transport Authority – Leszek Ruta, and the President of Nextbike Poland Ltd. – Tomasz Wojtkiewicz. Consolation Prizes – sets of company freebies – were given out to authors of the remaining name proposals.

I often visit ZTM website

Interview with Mateusz Kempisty, author of the winning name for the bicycle hire system in Warsaw.

How did you find out about the contest announced by ZTM?

This is not the first ZTM competition in which I have participated. I have participated in one of the contests of ZTM before. I am generally fascinated by the means of communication, and I am interested in everything related to public transport. I often visit ZTM website, and it was where I read the announcement of the contest, and submitted my proposals.

What fascinates you so much in urban transport? At such a young age it seems an unusual interest.

It has always been my family tradition, we have been associated with public transport for generations. One of the ancestors was driving a horse-drawn tram in the early twentieth century, my grandmother worked in MZA and my grandfather in Warsaw trams. As a child, I often listened to the family conversations, which certainly also contributed to my current interests.


The word “Veturilo” comes from Esperanto language and means “a vehicle”, a means of transport. In Esperanto, there is also a word for bike, but I decided that “Veturilo” was much easier to remember.

How long have you known Esperanto, and where did this particular interest come from?

In 2009, out of mere curiosity I checked the meaning of Esperanto, one of Warsaw’s street’s name, and this is how I found out about Esperanto. This is where my Esperanto adventure began. I taught myself using the Internet.

Do you think that Warsaw will embrace the new idea of bicycle infrastructure?

This is a fantastic project. It will make the life of many people much easier and fun. I just think that in the capital, there are not enough bicycle lanes, but I’m sure it will soon change for the better.

The prize for the winner was a city bike, but do you really ride a bike?

I must admit that at the moment I ride only for leisure, but in October, I will definitely start going to college by bike exclusively. Apart from the fact that cycling is fun, it will also allow me to keep fit.

Thank you very much,


Mateusz Kempisty is 19 years old. This year he graduated, and I wants to study Roman Philology.

Photo: The name for the Warsaw Public Bike. June 19, 2012 at the ZTM headquarters, prizes were awarded for the name of the Warsaw Public Bicycle, voted for in an online poll on ZTM website. The winner was Mateusz Kempisty.