Solutions for docking station


Dear cyclists, We hope that riding your cycles in Warsaw will be a real pleasure for you.
We encourage you to read the below tips to hire a cycle comfortably and then return it safely.


  1. Check, if the status of your account is min. PLN 10. If it is lower, you will not be able to hire a cycle.
  2.  It’s worth charging your account up to a slightly higher amount as a reserve.
  3. When transferring funds into the account, you have to provide the fixed User’s code – VET000 User’s ID. Incase of absence of the code in the above-mentioned configuration, funds will not be credited to the account.
  4.  In case of any doubts, consult TRANSFERUJ.PL, your payment operator first, and dial +48 22 37 90 277 or write to [email protected] . If you do not get any help, send an e-mail to us entitled “ACCOUNT STATUS”.


  1.  Before you hire a cycle, let other users return their cycles and lock it in the docking station. Let them log out and you will be able to hire a selected cycle quickly and effectively.
  2.  A cycle with electric lock can only be hired with the use of a terminal.
  3. You do not have to hurry – the electric lock will be open for 3 minutes.
  4.   If the electric lock does not release a cycle, wait patiently. After 3 minutes the system will return the cycle automatically and you will not have to return it to the terminal. To make sure, check the status of your account through APP application or on the Hotline.


  1.  Before you lock a cycle, make sure, if any other user does not hire a bike using the terminal. Let the user  finish hiring and the return procedure will be shorter.
  2. When returning a cycle you have to remember to fasten it correctly to the electric lock. The system will confirm correct locking by a short beep and delicate murmur of a bolt sliding out.
  3.  A correctly locked cycle will be automatically interlocked and the return will be recorded in the system within the next 3 minutes. In case of any doubts, check your account through APP. You may also call the Hotline.
  4. You cannot release the returned cycle from an electric lock without hiring it again.
  5.  It is possible to hire the same cycle immediately upon return after elapse of 5 minutes, when the system had recorded changes.
  6. In case of a failure of an electric lock, terminal or overfilling of the docking station, you may return a cycle by securing it with a rope and returning through APP or calling the Hotline. APP or Hotline may be used for returning a cycle secured with a code lock. In this case, you do not have to remember a code and you can read it in APP.
  7. If you want to make sure that a cycle has been returned correctly, log in your account through the terminal on or call the Hotline.

If the system calculated an undue fee for you, please make a complaint immediately to:, with the title: COMPLAINT ON SETTLEMENT.

We wish you pleasant and safe cycling trips.