City bikes have returned to the streets of the Polish cities in great style!


(02.03.2015) The inhabitants of the Polish cities may again enjoy public two-wheels! Yesterday at midnight, Warsaw inaugurated the 2015 season of city bikes. As reported by the system operator, Nextbike Polska, the Veturilo bikes were rented almost 3,5 thousand times already on the first day after the winter break. This result is better by almost 50% from the last year season opening in the capital city. Also on the 1st of March the city bikes returned to Konstancin-Jeziorna and Grodzisk Mazowiecki streets. Coming soon-the kickoff of the season in subsequent cities.

The first day of functioning of Veturilo after the three month season break showed how much the inhabitants of our Capital city missed the city bikes. Within 24 hours Warsaw and Konstancin-Jeziorna witnessed 3,400 bike rentals, which is 1088 times more than on the 1 march of the previous year, when Veturilo and Bemowo Bike were in place. What’s more, only yesterday, Nextbike noted 400 new user registrations.

- Almost 50% increase of rentals on the opening day is a sign which indicates how much the Veturilo return was expected and hoped for. We sincerely hope that this good score will be reflected in the best season we have experienced so far for the city bikes both in Warsaw and in other cities  where we operate, thus among others in Sopot, Lublin or Białystok. In addition, in case of Wrocław and Opole we have recently won tenders for launching bike systems and we are preparing to sign the respective agreements. We would like to thank, yet again, for the trust given to us. We will do all in our power to meet the growing year by year expectations of our users-says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, the chairman of Nextbike Polska.

In the current season the users will have at their disposal as many as 200 stations and 3000 bikes. As a result of end of agreement for the maintenance of the system with Bemowo Bike, three Veturilo stations were placed in locations where the former stations had been placed before, mainly: Ratusz Bemowo, Radiowa – Fontanna, Os. Górczewska. Two additional points launched thanks to our sponsors have appeared on the Veturilo map. The users are welcome to use the bike rental by the  shopping centre Sadyba Best Mall and very soon the station of Spektrum Tower, located just several dozen meters away from  Rondo ONZ, will have its inauguration.

Konstanciński City Bike  and Grodziski City Bike systems were launched parallel to the Veturilo system kickoff. All bike-lovers from these cities will enjoy the first full season of availing of the bike rental network which was set up by Nextbike in the second half of last year. The users of Konstanciński City Bike system will have 5 stations and 55 bikes, while the users of Grodziski City Bike system will have 9 stations and 65 bikes at their disposal.

During the subsequent days of March and April Nextbike Polska will be launching public bike systems in all the cities where it is already an operator and new Operator’s Agreements will be signed in the coming days in some places where it has not yet been active. In March we are planning to kick off our operations in Sopot and Opole, while in April we will arrive to Lublin, Białystok and Wrocław. This summer,  almost 5000 city bikes  operated by self-service public rental stations will appear on the streets of the Polish cities.