The most successful Veturilo season ever. In 2015, the bikes in Warsaw were rented nearly 2 million times!


(07.12.2015) Warsaw City Bike strengthens its position on the map of the most popular rental networks in Europe. In the season, which ended last week, the cyclists once again managed to improve the record of rentals – from March to November, they’ve used Veturilo bikes nearly 2 million times! At the same time, the number of people registered in the system increased by almost 30%, which means that 82 thousand of new users have registered in the system. Since the beginning of city bikes’ operation in the capital (2012-2015), 375 thousand people have already made more than
6 million trips.

The record of Veturilo’s popularity

This year’s season of Veturilo city bikes started according to the plan – at the beginning of March. In connection with the termination of agreement for handling of Bemowo Bike system, at the time of inauguration, the Warsaw’s bike system included nearly 200 stations and almost 3000 bikes.

Until the end of November, when the Veturilo system had traditionally ended, the residents of Warsaw have once again generated the record number in regard to the popularity of this environmentally friendly and healthy public transport, which are the public bikes. Particularly impressive is the repeated increase in the most important values, which are indicative of popularity of the system, i.e. number of rentals and users:

  • Number of rentals: 1 975 083 (in season 2014 – 1 904 140) – increase by 3,7%
  • Number of newly registered users: 82 658 – 28,2% more cyclists
  • Daily record of rentals: 15 955, April 11 (in season 2014 – 14 142, April 25) – more by 12,8%
  • Number of rentals of the most active user: 1 101 – statistically 4,4 rentals per day

According to data of the provider – Nextbike Polska, over the period of 9 months, statistically a city bike was rented every 10 second in the capital and a new user was registered every 4 minutes. Average time of a single rental amounted to 26 minutes and 40 seconds. The record holder has made 1 101 rentals during this season. This means that statistically this person used city bikes every day, more than 4 times each day.

The growing popularity and massive scale of the use of Veturilo – Warsaw City Bike did not go unnoticed by capital’s entrepreneurs and companies, which during this season have happily supported the expansion of the rental network. Only during this season, thanks to the support of the business, 11 stations have been created on the basis of sponsorship: Sadyba Best Mall, Spektrum Tower, Citi, Poleczki Business Park, MediaVest Group, Nestle House, New City, The Park Warsaw, the section at Galeria Mokotów, Trinity Park I and Warsaw Spire. In parallel, 120 new bikes have been added to the system.

Thanks to that, at the end of this season, Veturilo has included 204 locations and 3 039 bikes.

In total, the Capital has 24 stations that were launched thanks to the cooperation of Nextbike Polska with the local partners.

Season marked by the bike novelties

This year’s season brought many pleasant surprises to the users from Warsaw. At the beginning of July, Nextbike Polska made 10 tandem bikes (double bikes) available to the users, which can be rented under the analogous rules as the standard Veturilo bikes. This way, the capital became one of the first cities in the world, where residents can use tandem bikes within the self-service system. This novelty has quickly gained recognition among users – just in the period of 30 days, the number of rentals of these ten bikes exceeded 2 thousand. It should be noted that the tandem bikes in addition to a recreational function fulfil also an integrative role. – Double bikes turned out to be a “bull’s eye” in the context of idea for a great trip or unusual date, but they also allow people with disabilities or visually impaired people to get engaged in physical activity and social integration, e.g. through joint trips around the Warsaw with a guide or guardian – says Tomasz Wojtkiewicz, the president of Nextbike Polska.

Double bikes do not close the list of novelties introduced to the Veturilo system. In mid-August, the world’s first public bike station for children was created in Warsaw. Ten of „Veturilko” bikes for children aged from 4 to 6 years old were made available at a special station „Al. Niepodległości – Batorego”. – We invite everyone to plan multi-generational trips on “small” and “big” Veturilo bikes. Our rental of small bikes provides you with a chance to try, for the first time, the bike adventure with your child. It’s also a great idea for an active leisure activity for the entire family! – this way the president of Nextbike encouraged the users on the day of inauguration.

Since August 1, 2012 to the present day, Veturilo was rented 6 069 514 times in total and 374 821 people registered in the system – therefore, the Warsaw City Bike is not only one of the seven largest systems, but also one of the most popular rental systems in Europe.

City bikes in Konstancin-Jeziorna

Konstancin-Jeziorna is one of the smallest cities in Europe that decided to launch its own rental network. The local system was inaugurated on June 13 of the last year – since then, the users can choose from 5 stations and 55 bikes, which are fully compatible with the Warsaw’s Veturilo system.

Through the entire current season, Nextbike Polska recorded 9 146 rentals within Konstancin City Bike. It should be noted that the system operating in Konstancin is compatible with the Warsaw system and the users of Konstancin City Bike can use the entire bike fleet of the Poland’s capital without any obstacles or additional registration.

During the years 2014-2015, Konstancin City Bike was used 15 902 times in total and the number of cyclists reached 739.

The most popular Veturilo rental stations in season 2015:

Al. Niepodległości – Batorego – 2,08%

Rondo Waszyngtona – National Stadium – 1,54%

Arkadia – 1,30%

Pl. Unii Lubelskiej – Puławska – 1,19%

Metro Politechnika-Rondo Jazdy Polskiej – 1,18%

The most popular Veturilo return stations in season 2015:

Al. Niepodległości – Batorego – 2,07%

Rondo Waszyngtona – National Stadium – 1,49%

Jana III Sobieskiego – Chełmska – 1,42%

Arkadia – 1,33%

Pl. Unii Lubelskiej – Puławska – 1,20%

The most popular Veturilo routes in season 2015:

Al. Niepodległości – Batorego – ul. Stefana Banacha- University of Warsaw

Stefana Banacha- Uniwersytet Warszawski – Al. Niepodległości – Batorego

Marymoncka- Dewajtis – UKSW II