How does it work?


2 minutes - this is just how long it takes to join us. Registration is simple and fast. Just like a bicycle ride through congested city.

Donate 10 PLN

10 PLN - the amount of initial fee which will allow us to activate your account. Only 10 PLN balance will allow you to use our bikes

Enjoy the bikes 24 hours a day

9 months - this is how long in a year you can enjoy the freedom of cycling around the capital. In spring summer and autumn, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

10 x YES to Veturilo

Cheap, fast, easy, fun, but still fashionable. Traversing the municipal area on a bicycle has many advantages. Here are 10 top reasons why you should use the system Veturilo.

10 x YES to Veturilo

Cheap, fast, easy, fun, but still fashionable. Traversing the municipal area on a bicycle has many advantages. Here are 10 top reasons why you should use the system Veturilo.

Yes, because ... it's economical.

Choice of the appropriate means of transport in the city is more and more often made conditional on economic factors. In the days of seeking the frugality traveling all over the capital city by bicycle is a perfect solution. Particularly that now, thanks to Veturilo, it isn’t necessary to incur the costs of purchase of “two wheels”. The system is making available over 1000 modern bicycles. But it is still nothing. A price is most important. And first 20 minutes are always free! At that time it is possible boldly to defeat a few kilometres of the road to the work, whether to the college. Next 40 minutes cost 1 PLN. The second hour 3 PLN, third 4 PLN, and every next 7 PLN. Irrespective of the spent time on the saddle, always we will pay fewer than for the travel by car, or the middle of the public transport.

Yes, because ... it is faster.

“The life is waiting” – such a moral swam from the film “Terminal” with the Tom Hanks in the main part. But whether it really means that every day we must wait for the tram, the bus, the green light or the end of the repair? Veturilo is a reply to the greatest weak point of traveling all over the crowded capital city – ceaseless waste of time. Thanks to the bicycle you will avoid a traffic jam and you don’t have to follow any timetables. Thanks to that the road to point of destination is always open.

Yes, because ... it's easy.

Clear principles, short statute, a bright and clear table of charges – Veturilo was created with the thought about cyclists. The system is very user-friendly which makes using our bicycles a pleasure. The same as a riding a bike.

Yes, because ... this is freedom.

End of neverending transfers, running from one bus stop to another, and what’s best – end of searching for a free place to park your car. A bike allows you to get anywhere you want to and you choose the route yourself. An unexpected change of plans, a short brake for shopping, a ride through the park – apart from the traffic regulations, there are no boundaries. The most important thing is to secure the bike with a lock cable at one of Veturilo stations.

Yes, because ... it healthy.

Cycling is an excellent form of activity and develops most parts of your body. It’s also a way to relax and calm your nerves shattered by wasting your time in the traffic. Therefore it’s a nice way to combine business with pleasure.

Yes, because ... it's a great way to get fit.

Cycling regularly improves a body condition, but not only this. There’s more, especially to be appreciated by ladies. Pedaling often firms your thighs and calfs. Gentlemen on the other hand, should appreciate strenghtening abdominal muscles.

Yes, because ... thousands of people around the world can not be wrong.

Veturilo is a proved idea, based on the best standards. If so many people gave up four or more wheels for two, it means that advantages of such system are obvious.

Yes, because ... it fashionable. Just like that.

Few years ago a picture of a businessman riding a bike would raise a laugh. Today it’s a synonym of following trends, that raise a comfort of living.

Yes, because ... we value equality here.

Every bike is the same – there are no better or worse, new or old, big or small ones. You don’t need to think about how you look like among others. Everyone looks good on a bike.

Yes, because ... it pleasant.

No one can admit moving along the capital by car or a bus is pleasant. It’s rather an everyday duty, not a nicely spent  time. With a bike – it’s a different story. A wind fanning your hair, breath of fresh air on your face and a feeling of freedom – totally priceless. Just the thought of riding a bike is also one of a very few reasons to enjoy your way to work. Especially on Monday.